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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Mins Nursery in Church

It has been months since we have stepped into Church, really missed the services. 2 weeks ago, we brough Ethan back to Church. We were worried he'll be frightened by the loud music but we worry for nothing... he kept looking around and distracting the people behind us.

We came to know there's a 30mins nursery class for babies and toddlers between 6mths - 24mths. There's singing with actions which parents can do with the child, flash cards to learn abt body parts and communion with baby biscuits (which Ethan doesn't know how to eat... he just lick/suck on it probably just swallowed the bit that has melted) As I hold on to the unfinished biscuit all the toddlers started advancing towards me... haha

It is a good exposure for Ethan, he enjoyed himself. For all we know, this might be something like the classes at Gymboree! :)


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