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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heng Chou... smelly smelly

I forgot when Ethan learns how to say chou chou... I guess it must be that time when he sat on the potty and keep forcing the air out of the potty (by lifting his buttocks up.. then down). Por por will tell him "heng chou lar!"... and I remembered he picked up the hand gestures from me, when I signed to him the other day.

He'll say chou chou everytime he sees the rubbish collection truck.

Yesterday on the car trip home, Ethan sat on my lap and he started saying "mummy chou chou" I'm surprised, but I asked him "mummy chou chou ah?", then he looked at me and continued "dong dong chou chou.. por por heng chou.. daddy chou chou... edan chou chou..." with the his finger gestures... haha.. wondered what makes him said that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

18 months update

Today I scolded Ethan for walking dangerously on the mat, he knew I was scolding him. Then he walked over to beat me on my thigh. I looked at him and told him - he walk like that will fall down and Mummy don't want him to fall down, fall down pain pain.. he looked at me and said sori, followed by a hug..that really surprises me :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

After one

It was a huge transition from being a baby baby to a toddler. Ethan doesn't have much baby look to begin with, now he looks even more like a big boy. Hehe

Here are some lessons I've learnt from taking care of Ethan:

Lesson 1: Always check on a child when he is suspiciously quiet
Once Ethan was in our bedroom for a few mins and suspiciously quiet, when I pop my head in to check what he is doing, he was standing at the corner of our bed, right next to the door!

Another time - the same day, Ethan was playing in his room quietly and when Po Po checked on him, she discovered he was hiding in the lower compartment of his cabinet. He had pulled out the toys from the lower compartment and crawled in. He was in a daze when we found him. hehe

Other times when he is quiet, he is likely to be playing with sockets, electronic gadgets or DVDs.

Lesson 2: Loves to mimick everything adults do
It was almost bedtime, and like any other day, I was accompanying him on his bed together with Piglet and Charlie Brown. Then he placed piglet on the bolster, and then Charlie Brown on top of Piglet, and he started to 'bai bai' them! Gosh!

During mealtimes, he'll want to snatch the feeding spoon. Po Po have resorted to giving him another set of utensils plus some bits of food in order to feed him successfully.

He loves to wear adult shoes, it started with Po Po's slippers... then ah yee's shoes and today daddy's size 8 sports shoe -> he was even able to walk in it un-assisted.

Whenever we eat out, and we provide him with a piece of tissue, he'll diligently wipe the table clean.

Ethan is absorbing his environment like a huge sponge. We can never guess the extent of the things he know, until he surprises us with some new words or actions.

Lesson 3: Requires unlimited love and attention
When we say "Supervisor" he'll put both of his hands behind his back and walk about with a smug look. He'll always turnaround and see if we are looking at him. And at times when he cries, Po Po will say "Supervisor cannot cry one" but no effect on him lar..

Loves wearing hats, hairband with tigger ears, cause we will say "mei mei"... and he loves it! A true vainpot.

Lesson 4: Trying his best to communicate
After visiting the Botanic Gardens last weekend, he went back to Po Po's house with lots of gibberish babble and exaggerated expressions. Naturally Po Po doesn't understand a single word he says, but it was fun to watch his gestures.

Now when he wants milk, he'll say "milk milk, aih!" means milk milk, want! It was an improved version of "mock mock"

If he wants to go gai gai... he'll take out his shoes and point to the door.

Lesson 5: Scared of Dark
He is not scared of darkness, but scared of dark coloured food, like red bean paste in bun, stew, fa cai etc. He'll be happily pinching the bun, until the red bean paste was revealed, then he'll scrutinise the bun and at most he'll pinch abit more of from the white part, and then avoid totally.

Latest Photos

Saturday, November 08, 2008

*** Our Little Star ***

Photos taken at the Little Stars Studios on his 10 month birthday

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Almost 1 year old

Ethan will be turning 1 year old in only 1.5 weeks time! Unbelievable!

It is getting more and more difficult to record his accomplishments, as he is picking up new skills every min! I'm not exaggerating. He will observe and imitate everything we do now, some things he see once and immediate picks up.

A brief summary of the new things he can do:
- Talk: some of the words he can say - dark dark, duck, mamamamama (me), babababa (daddy), yeee (aunty), jiu (uncle), Caar (perfect pronounciation!), xi (taxi), bao (mian bao), bah (bus), thuo (throw, he'll throw things and thing say tuo!), orrr (he'll wave his index finger and say orrr after he purposely drop something), oohmm (thunder, with a serious look), tar (stars), moo (moon), mo (elmo), dang (xiao ding dang)
- Sing: lalalalalala (without melody)
- Sounds of animals: aarhhhh (tiger), woooo (aeroplane, motorbike etc), mauo (cat)
- Tell story: I have been reading to him some picture board books, and just 2 days ago, i noticed he'll point to the pictures in the books and start to tell story (in his baby language of course)
- Stand quite steadily unsupported for a short while
- Walk 1 or 2 steps forward and quickly grab someone
- Draw with a pen
- to be continued...

On his birthday we plan to bring him to the zoo in the morning, and have a small family celebration in the afternoon. I've ordered the Elmo cake from Polar :) I am getting excited... maybe I'll go TPY to grab some decorative stuffs tomorrow hee hee

Daddy is out on business trip, and I sneak back home to pick up things, going back to my mother's house now. Ethan is there the entire week, and he has not been sleeping well, same for the whole family! Monday he was awake from afternoon 2pm till night 11:30pm and had a hard time falling asleep, then he wakes up at 3:30am for milk. Yesterday he fell asleep at almost 12am, and wakes up screaming at 1:30am (with his hair soaking wet) must be too warm for him... cos he is used to air-con. Sigh, maybe he misses Daddy. Wish Daddy will be home soon.

Elvis' 1 year birthday bash on 11 Oct 08

We are all 2007 babies: Tiffany, Elvis & Ethan

Elvis was born 1 month earlier than me, but he look babier than me!

It is funny how we are attracted to the same sights, and roll around the bed when we are sleepy (at the same time)!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day at Pasir Ris Park

My 1st Slide

My 1st Swing

...~...Just relaxing...~...

My 1st *wave*
Ethan was scared of the seawaves...

...and he no like standing on sand, see him do one leg up?!

Having fun with leaves

Ethan and Genevieve meet again :)

On 21 Sep 08 they met again. This time Ethan dare not touch Gen's dress after being lectured by Mommy the other time.

When the adults were busy talking, Ethan secretly kicked Gen's pretty shoes and grins. Unfortunately, Daddy caught him red-handed.

Pls visit for more paparazzi news on their reunion.

Ethan at Downtown East

Photos taken on 20 Sep 08

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

11 Months

Ethan turned 11 months yesterday, lousy mommy have clean forgotten it. It seems like an ordinary day. Nonetheless, I spent 2 hours playing with him in his 'new bedroom'. Both of us had lots of fun.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ethan fell from the bed

Ethan fell from the bed 2 nites ago... :( After milk at 4:40am, he felt energetic and I let him crawl around and play with toys on my bed. I fell asleep and at 5:30am I was awakened by a loud noise. Ethan had fallen head down on to the hard floor. He cried for some time, it must be painful. Good thing there wasn't any abnormal symptoms. Eversince, we've moved to the 2nd bedroom, where I sleep on a mattress on the floor and next to the mattress is the bumper mat. A much safer environment I think.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 months 1 week and 4 days old

Ethan is able to recognise and identify items now. He managed to point to the correct pictures when we ask him "where is apple, rainbow, corn, mushrooms..." The other day he saw a lizard in grandma's house for the first time, and he's so excited, he kept squealing and kicking his legs *roll eyes*... when I went to fetch him in the evening, he kept pointing to the wall where the lizard crawled... and wave his hand toward the window (where the lizard ran out)... with his comments of "orr... ahhh.. ahh..."

Eversince we allow him to crawl about the house, he loves crawling everywhere... and touch everything... especially switches and sockets!!

Today he played with the lamp when we walked away, it fell with a loud thud on the floor. Good thing he was not hurt, but can see that he got a shock, and wanted to be carried. Later he kept looking at the lamp and repeat after me "baom"

If he has a piece of tissue in his hand.. he'll start to wipe the surface with the tissue. He does a thorough job too... from one corner to the next.

The other day I was feeding him biscuit, and I held it too far from his mouth (just touching his lips) in a split second he pushed my hand towards his mouth, followed by a "crrraak" sound. It really caught me by surprise.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sick for 1.5 weeks

I forgot to mention that Ethan was sick for close to 1.5 weeks just before he turned 9months. Nobody knows how he fell sick, as nobody in the family was sick. My suspicion was that my father had brought him gai gai downstairs and walk pass the clinic, else the virus could be from me, but I didn't fall sick until much later.

Anyway it was most pitiful to see him so sick. He rejects both milk and the bottle. It was impossible to feed him medicine without forcing it down his throat and seeing him cry and choke on the medicine and then fell asleep on an empty stomach. Very poor thing. He kept vomitting the food he ate, the milk and other fluid he drank. It was up to the point when I thought it might be better to put him on drip in the hospital. The first 3 days doc did not prescribe antibiotics, but he couldn't get well on his own (of course how to get well when he don't drink and refused to take his medicines), so the doc started him on antibiotics for 7 days, he got better but still there's phelgm in his throat, so finally doc loan us the nebuliser for 3 days. It's really the baby 'torture' machine. Actually it is not painful at all, just a gas that he had to inhale for 10mins. For a child being tied down for 10 mins is doomsday. He cried non-stop till sometimes he'll fall asleep crying with the nebuliser still at his nose. It was a terrible time for everyone as I also fell sick. Good thing we can leave him at my mom's place overnight so that I can rest.

When he finally recovered, his weight went down considerably. The fatty lines on his wrist and thights were gone, he look like another baby.

Standing on two feet, 9 months development

Today Ethan can stand for about 5 secs without support. He is 9 months 2 weeks and 6 days old. It is always amazing to witness his firsts... :) somemore today daddy's friends are here when he performed his stand... but scully 3rd or 4th time he fell down and hit against the play table and then cry big time.. hee...

Some development milestones:
- 4 upper teeth + 2 lower teeth
- able to stand for a few secs without support
- squats (with one hand holding onto something) to pick up a toy

He loves:
- playing catching, this time is one adult carrying him and running and the other adult chasing. He'll squeal and kick his legs in excitement... hehe
- flip pages of books/magazines etc + open close cover, he is more interested in this action than the pictures in the books
- anything with buttons, especially remote control, baby wipes box with open button, handphones, cameras, tomy vacuum cleaner
- throw things and see if the thing will bounce or roll
- having his teeth clean with spiffies (cos it taste appley sweet)
- to see swaying plants and flowers

He hates:
- to eat rice cereal with just milk, it is too bland compared to fish porridge and beef tofu...

Going to buy for him soon:
- bicycle with security bar and adult handle
- another bumper mat to use at my mom's place

Ethan loves peekaboo

Ethan's stylo mylo haircut

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ethan 9 months

It has been soooo long since I've last blog. Both Ethan and mummy have just recovered from sore throat, fever, cough, flu. It was the most gruelling period, with Ethan refusing to drink milk, water and medicine and his fever persists. He went down 1 size after he recovered. Nonetheless, thank God for keeping him safe, he is now a happy bunny.

Teeth: Oh his lower front 2 incisors are now very obvious. He looks cute when he laughs, and we can see the whitish tip of his right top tooth.

Food: We have started introducing fish to him 2 days back. We can tell for sure that steamed fish (alone) is not his favourite dish, keeps grandma and mummy busy thinking about baby safe receipes that include fish. Naughty mummy has also introduced mini baby biscuits to him. It is fun seeing him trying to grasp the tiny biscuit balls, which often ended up on the floor. It is even more fun seeing him grab the rice fish cracker in his hand and putting the cracker cum fingers into his mouth. It is a joy seeing him enjoy his food.

Toys: Mummy can't help buy toys for Ethan... new addition this month... bumper mat, walker convertable, vacuum cleaner, beads set, shape sorter

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Mins Nursery in Church

It has been months since we have stepped into Church, really missed the services. 2 weeks ago, we brough Ethan back to Church. We were worried he'll be frightened by the loud music but we worry for nothing... he kept looking around and distracting the people behind us.

We came to know there's a 30mins nursery class for babies and toddlers between 6mths - 24mths. There's singing with actions which parents can do with the child, flash cards to learn abt body parts and communion with baby biscuits (which Ethan doesn't know how to eat... he just lick/suck on it probably just swallowed the bit that has melted) As I hold on to the unfinished biscuit all the toddlers started advancing towards me... haha

It is a good exposure for Ethan, he enjoyed himself. For all we know, this might be something like the classes at Gymboree! :)

Father and son bonding

Funny Expressions

Ethan and his potty

Grandma has successfully trained Ethan to use the potty for his big business. He loves to swing his feet when sitting in his potty. He enjoys sitting on his potty... hehe. Grandma always put him on his potty after milk in the morning, before bath.

We have bought him several types of potty but he still prefer the traditional $2 potty that we use when we were young... Got no inspiration sitting on the ikea (non-spill, non-slip, light blue) potty mummy bought for him, nor the cartoon potty with lid from kiddy palace.

Daddy's first Father's Day

Photo taken on 15 Jun 08... hee

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ethan and neighbour Charlotte

Charlotte is also a Nov baby, she was born 1 week earlier, when they were younger... they took turns to cry... and Charlotte's mummy will tell Charlotte "see your bf cry"