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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Standing on two feet, 9 months development

Today Ethan can stand for about 5 secs without support. He is 9 months 2 weeks and 6 days old. It is always amazing to witness his firsts... :) somemore today daddy's friends are here when he performed his stand... but scully 3rd or 4th time he fell down and hit against the play table and then cry big time.. hee...

Some development milestones:
- 4 upper teeth + 2 lower teeth
- able to stand for a few secs without support
- squats (with one hand holding onto something) to pick up a toy

He loves:
- playing catching, this time is one adult carrying him and running and the other adult chasing. He'll squeal and kick his legs in excitement... hehe
- flip pages of books/magazines etc + open close cover, he is more interested in this action than the pictures in the books
- anything with buttons, especially remote control, baby wipes box with open button, handphones, cameras, tomy vacuum cleaner
- throw things and see if the thing will bounce or roll
- having his teeth clean with spiffies (cos it taste appley sweet)
- to see swaying plants and flowers

He hates:
- to eat rice cereal with just milk, it is too bland compared to fish porridge and beef tofu...

Going to buy for him soon:
- bicycle with security bar and adult handle
- another bumper mat to use at my mom's place

Ethan loves peekaboo

Ethan's stylo mylo haircut


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