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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sick for 1.5 weeks

I forgot to mention that Ethan was sick for close to 1.5 weeks just before he turned 9months. Nobody knows how he fell sick, as nobody in the family was sick. My suspicion was that my father had brought him gai gai downstairs and walk pass the clinic, else the virus could be from me, but I didn't fall sick until much later.

Anyway it was most pitiful to see him so sick. He rejects both milk and the bottle. It was impossible to feed him medicine without forcing it down his throat and seeing him cry and choke on the medicine and then fell asleep on an empty stomach. Very poor thing. He kept vomitting the food he ate, the milk and other fluid he drank. It was up to the point when I thought it might be better to put him on drip in the hospital. The first 3 days doc did not prescribe antibiotics, but he couldn't get well on his own (of course how to get well when he don't drink and refused to take his medicines), so the doc started him on antibiotics for 7 days, he got better but still there's phelgm in his throat, so finally doc loan us the nebuliser for 3 days. It's really the baby 'torture' machine. Actually it is not painful at all, just a gas that he had to inhale for 10mins. For a child being tied down for 10 mins is doomsday. He cried non-stop till sometimes he'll fall asleep crying with the nebuliser still at his nose. It was a terrible time for everyone as I also fell sick. Good thing we can leave him at my mom's place overnight so that I can rest.

When he finally recovered, his weight went down considerably. The fatty lines on his wrist and thights were gone, he look like another baby.


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