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Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 months 1 week and 4 days old

Ethan is able to recognise and identify items now. He managed to point to the correct pictures when we ask him "where is apple, rainbow, corn, mushrooms..." The other day he saw a lizard in grandma's house for the first time, and he's so excited, he kept squealing and kicking his legs *roll eyes*... when I went to fetch him in the evening, he kept pointing to the wall where the lizard crawled... and wave his hand toward the window (where the lizard ran out)... with his comments of "orr... ahhh.. ahh..."

Eversince we allow him to crawl about the house, he loves crawling everywhere... and touch everything... especially switches and sockets!!

Today he played with the lamp when we walked away, it fell with a loud thud on the floor. Good thing he was not hurt, but can see that he got a shock, and wanted to be carried. Later he kept looking at the lamp and repeat after me "baom"

If he has a piece of tissue in his hand.. he'll start to wipe the surface with the tissue. He does a thorough job too... from one corner to the next.

The other day I was feeding him biscuit, and I held it too far from his mouth (just touching his lips) in a split second he pushed my hand towards his mouth, followed by a "crrraak" sound. It really caught me by surprise.


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