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Monday, March 31, 2008

Beach Boy

29 Mar 08 is the first time Ethan is at the beach. Nice weather - gentle breeze.

Ethan looking intently at the sea waves.

Can I hold your hand?

"Hello... my hands are small and chubby... can I hold your hand?"

Looks are deceiving... got clawed by him quite a few times already... very powerful and painful ones, never failing to leave tiny fingernail marks behind... so beware of the claws!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look-alike meter

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Swimming!!! Hee hee

Today we brought Ethan for his first swim at Hwa Xia International located at Punggol Plaza.

Once the auntie let go of him, he swims like a pro! The aunties say his swimming posture very biao zhun. .. haha... can join the Singapore Youth Olympics liao!

Do I look cool in my orange float?

4 months development milestones

4 months development from babycentre website:

- Feeding less frequently (have stretched from 2hrly to 2.75hrly feed)
- A new talent for rolling over (no signs of wanting to roll over yet, except to play roll-roll)
- Time for solid foods? (nah... better wait till after 6mths)
- Reaching out and mouthing objects (excellent grabbing skills!!)
- Able to play alone now (Yup, was amazed he could entertain himself with the play gym for 1/2hr)
- Beginning to understand the role of language (was babbling non-stop at 2mths already)
- Appreciation for a full range of colours (hmm... mummy can't tell)
- Getting more selective about people (can't agree more!!!)

Hello Grandma

Ethan loves playing peekaboo with Grandma... he was laughing away today... so infectious...

Monday, March 24, 2008

The adventures of little blue riding hood

One day, little blue riding hood went into the woods to play...

Suddently, a big bad wolf jumped infront of him...
Little blue riding hood mustered all his baby muscles to shout "BOO!"
and the wolf flew away...

When the hunters came, he told them the wolf flew that way!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

5-in-1 + Rotavirus + Pneumococcal jabs!!!

Ethan went back for the 2nd dose of 5-in-1 jab and Rotavirus on Tues (4mths 5days old). He is weighing 7.75kg now vs 7.25kg at 3mths 1day. His growth seems to have slowed down a little, no wonder his daddy says he not as chubby now. A good weight I guess, cos in forum their babies at 4mths weigh between 6 - 9kg.

I also enquired about the Pneumococcal jab. Doc says 1 in 6 babies who got this virus will die. Also the younger they are, the more serious their condition. Hence, this kiasi mummy say "ok jab jab" immediately.

Scully the next day Ethan had fever, highest temp reached is 38.1deg, was fluctuating the whole day but has finally came down to 36.6deg at night. Poor guy, his body must have overworked, producing antibodies to fight 7 viruses at the same time, but YAY! he has won the battle! Next time this kiasu mummy will take more precautions :P

See him foaming at his mouth...

Bumbo Jumbo

Just got him the Bumbo seat from Taka fair last weekend. Seems like a good investment, cos can train him to sit unsupported, and can double up as a feeding chair, suitable for babies from 3-12mths. Guess what? When we put the 4mths old Ethan in, he only squeezed through... haha... jia lat liao, think can only use for 1 or 2 mths... then we read the pamplet inside the box and realised can only use up to 10kg. He already coming to 8kg. Must let him sit everyday to make our $ worth. hee!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ethan is 4 months old!

It is true that growth in the 1st year is the fastest. Ethan is growing at an amazing rate. Every other day, I'll realise that he can do new things. It's always a pleasant surprise for us parent. I can't wait till the day he'll say his first word. Would love to have him communicate with us through words other than crying his lungs out or making elephant noises... hehe

His Development Milestones so far:
- Socialise: Recognise and loves to interact with people

- Lift his head up 90 degrees and tries to flip over

- Grasp objects with both hands

- Managed to sleep through (from 9pm to 6-7am) without waking up for milk for the past few nights, but will make some noise until he find his thumb... that is one of the reason why we should continue to allow him to suck his thumb... such dilemma...

Favourite activities/games:
- Roll-Roll!
- Bolster/Bean sprout pillow landing on him
- Peekaboo
- Flash cards
- Tiny Love MiniGym

Some mommies in the forum have brought their babies swimming at Pungol Plaza, all their babies love it! They were smiling with their mouth wide open... like enjoying themselves very much. Altho Pungol Plaza is really out of the way, I'm very tempted to let Ethan try, I think he'll love it too.

Photo of the Month


Ethan's been crying and screaming without reason for a few days now, his daddy suspected he is teething and after inspecting his gums I realised that his 2 lower front teeth are coming out, they are pushing against his gums. Poor guy. His daddy will buy Dentinox teething gel when he comes back from work tonight. Hang in there little guy!

Mommy has resigned

Mommy has resigned from her work, cos her workplace is too far... and I keep her awake at night too... makes both daddy and mommy look like zombies. Mommy doesn't have energy to play or teach me at the end of the day. I'm so happy now that I don't have to wake up so early in the morning and I will play and learn with mommy the whole day.

I'm taking my afternoon nap, mommy has taught me to sleep sideways with bolster

Mommy has also taught me to play "roll-roll", where she'll turn me front to back to front... which is so fun, thats when I begin to enjoy tummy time.