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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

30 Mins Nursery in Church

It has been months since we have stepped into Church, really missed the services. 2 weeks ago, we brough Ethan back to Church. We were worried he'll be frightened by the loud music but we worry for nothing... he kept looking around and distracting the people behind us.

We came to know there's a 30mins nursery class for babies and toddlers between 6mths - 24mths. There's singing with actions which parents can do with the child, flash cards to learn abt body parts and communion with baby biscuits (which Ethan doesn't know how to eat... he just lick/suck on it probably just swallowed the bit that has melted) As I hold on to the unfinished biscuit all the toddlers started advancing towards me... haha

It is a good exposure for Ethan, he enjoyed himself. For all we know, this might be something like the classes at Gymboree! :)

Father and son bonding

Funny Expressions

Ethan and his potty

Grandma has successfully trained Ethan to use the potty for his big business. He loves to swing his feet when sitting in his potty. He enjoys sitting on his potty... hehe. Grandma always put him on his potty after milk in the morning, before bath.

We have bought him several types of potty but he still prefer the traditional $2 potty that we use when we were young... Got no inspiration sitting on the ikea (non-spill, non-slip, light blue) potty mummy bought for him, nor the cartoon potty with lid from kiddy palace.

Daddy's first Father's Day

Photo taken on 15 Jun 08... hee

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ethan and neighbour Charlotte

Charlotte is also a Nov baby, she was born 1 week earlier, when they were younger... they took turns to cry... and Charlotte's mummy will tell Charlotte "see your bf cry"

Ethan and Genevieve

Genevieve is a Feb baby, so Ethan is 3months older... hmm another potential gf.

Gosh! Ethan is curious about Gen's pink dress

The 8 Months Old Ethan

Ethan had his 3rd dose of Pneumoccocal last Sunday - 20 July 2008, no fever this time round maybe cause we administered the fever medicine before he actually has a fever.

He measured 71cm and 9.25Kg at 8months 1week.

He loves to:
- Playing with tissue paper - tear and 'kao' the tiny bits which have dropped on to the bed
- Babble - Mamamamamum.. bababa...
- Watch Daddy vacuum, mop, sweep the floor (he'll watch with full concentration)
- Squeal and kick in excitement when Grandmas 'run' over to kuchi him
- Walk around the sides of his playpen
- 'Climb' up anyone who's carrying him
- Touch our faces/mouth etc during milk time
- Be tickled on his tummy/back, will keep still and then goose pimples will start to appear
- Eat solid (Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Fresh Apple, French Beans, Brown Rice, Teething Rusk, Avocado, Banana)
- Swing his leg while sitting in the potty or in his high chair
- Bath, he'll splash the water and hold on to the bathtub when we try to pull him out

He hates:
- To be put into the high chair/walker/jumperoo... he'll use his famous 'dork kai' - single leg stepping on the seat with the other leg drawn up, when we put him in the high chair for too long.. he'll start to bang the table with his right hand and start to 'sing song'
- To clean his face with damp cotton balls, so we gotta wipe his face with bath cloth during bathtime
- To lie on his back

Thursday, July 10, 2008

8 months soon....!

In just 4 days Ethan will be 8 months old! Time flies...

Ethan loves playing with his mouth/lips these days... and he will start his babbling when we bring him out gai gai... or when we're talking to other adults.

He's starting to lose interest in the flash cards... and starts looking out of the car window when I flash them to him in the morning. How? Next time will he lose out to his peers?