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A Little More To Life

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ethan Koala

Now Ethan can stand pretty steady holding on to something. He looks and behaves more like a little boy with each passing day. He is getting very interactive now. These days when he wants to be carried... he'll start to "climb" onto me. He'll pull my shirt/hair and get into kneeling position, and then into standing position.

Just now he played 'catching' with me, he'll crawl/leap towards my direction... and I'll quickly shift away... he lets out a laugh of excitement before he pounce again. Hehe

Daddy noticed he can now reciprociate a hug too now.

Thunder... Borrrmmm

Today during my reading session with Ethan, we came across the word thunder... and when I said "thunder... borrrmmm" he looked at the window then look back at me. When I repeat the word, he looked at the window again. Hehe

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving House?

Today is the 2nd time we are viewing a 3 room flat at Empress Road... not sure if it is a wise decision to move there. There're a few plus points of moving, 1st we'll be cash rich (to be able to make our new place child friendly, and earn interest with the remaining cash), 2nd there is Nanyang Primary nearby, 3rd we'll be nearer to my mom's place. The huge downside would be the space limitation, and lost of privacy cos its a corridor unit.

We can stay put at our current unit and enroll Ethan into St Andrew's Primary School and then ballot for the new Strathmore units? But the timing doesn't seem right.

First teeth

Today we saw a whitish strip on his lower gum. His left lower front tooth is coming out first. Hehe...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ethan can pull himself to standing position

Woah... today we witness Ethan pulling himself up to standing position in his playpen. That is the milestone of a 10 month old! We were so shocked. I think he'll learn to walk pretty fast... he's a very determined fella.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do I look dashing?

Ethan, Wai Po and his bathtub

Wai Po devised a new play area of Ethan ~ his bathtub, he likes sitting in the bathtub and play with all his ma-sah... now when he bathes in his bathtub he loves to kick the water vigorously and his fingers will grip the sides of the tub firmly... we sweat big time taking him out of his bath. He grips on to the tub so firmly that even when he slips, he's able to pull himself back to sitting position!!! That's how determined he is. I think he is really like his name.. firm/strong.. and hopefully wise lar...

Ethan can crawl & change to sitting position

Ethan can crawl now.. but not the classic baby crawl yet... he'll swing his body back and forth and then lunge forward.. usually landing on his face

2 days ago when he is 7mths and 2days old... he managed to pull himself into sitting position while on his tummy... daddy and mummy are so amazed

Some pixs of him on a lazy weekend afternoon...


More photos of Ethan's feeding time

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ethan and his rejected milk bottle

Ever since we started Ethan on solid... he starts to reject his milk bottle. Anything served with a spoon or bowl is much yummier than in a bottle. Starting him on solid at 6mths instead of 4mths is really the right thing to do. We got to know that our neighbour's gal (little Charlotte 1 week older than Ethan) now only drink 3x milk a day... she prefers her fish porridge.

These are the food we have introduced to Ethan in chronological order:
- Bellamy organic rice cereal (for 4mths):which he totally rejects due to the strong nutty smell
- Heinz organic rice cereal: his first love
- Organic potato (steamed)
- Organic avocado (fresh)
- Organic french beans (steamed)
- Jar organic carrot: rejected
- Jar organic veggie stew: rejected

- Organic apples (steamed)
- Organic sweet potato (steamed) to be introduced this week

Personally I find the jarred baby food yucky, but I thought babies like the taste, little did I expect our boy to reject too...

See him having fun with his avocado...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

More 6 months development

My mom told me that Ethan will start looking at the direction of the door when it is around 7pm+... he is not even interested in the tv programmes... unbelievable since he is a hardcore tv addict. My mom says he is waiting for us to come through the door. Just now when my mom ask whether he wants to be carried... he smiled but turned away, but when I ask him.. he held out his arms... hehe seems like he has the ability to differentiate now... :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

6 months 3 weeks

Ethan is developing at amazing speed... it could be that I only see him a few hours each day... and so it surprises me that hey now you know this...
- flip from his tummy to his back
- go down on all four(palms and knees)
- turn 360 degrees easily on the bed
- hold 2 objects, one on each hand
- he is refining his pincher grasp (thumb and index finger)
- heard him say "ma.. ba.." amongst many other sounds
- can hold his own bottle
- dislike lying on his back, will flex all his tummy muscles to be in sit-up position, once on his back will cry or immediately flip to his tummy
- grown taller, at 6mths he is 68cm, 8.67kg

We have also started him on solids 2 days after his 3rd 6-in-1 jab, and he loves it! We gave him Bellamy organic rice cereal first, and he hates the oily nutty smell, simply reject it twice... but he likes Heinz organic rice cereal. He'll eat like it is the most delicious food in the world. If not enough he'll cry... no matter how full he is, he can always take a few spoonful of solids... hehe. So far he has also tried organic avocado, & steamed organic potato... hmm.. thinking of making him applesauce this week, or maybe jarred organic carrot puree, read that it is not safe to prepare non-organic carrots at home due to nitrate content.

See Ethan's first avocado experience