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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ethan 9 months

It has been soooo long since I've last blog. Both Ethan and mummy have just recovered from sore throat, fever, cough, flu. It was the most gruelling period, with Ethan refusing to drink milk, water and medicine and his fever persists. He went down 1 size after he recovered. Nonetheless, thank God for keeping him safe, he is now a happy bunny.

Teeth: Oh his lower front 2 incisors are now very obvious. He looks cute when he laughs, and we can see the whitish tip of his right top tooth.

Food: We have started introducing fish to him 2 days back. We can tell for sure that steamed fish (alone) is not his favourite dish, keeps grandma and mummy busy thinking about baby safe receipes that include fish. Naughty mummy has also introduced mini baby biscuits to him. It is fun seeing him trying to grasp the tiny biscuit balls, which often ended up on the floor. It is even more fun seeing him grab the rice fish cracker in his hand and putting the cracker cum fingers into his mouth. It is a joy seeing him enjoy his food.

Toys: Mummy can't help buy toys for Ethan... new addition this month... bumper mat, walker convertable, vacuum cleaner, beads set, shape sorter