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A Little More To Life

Thursday, November 29, 2007

More pictures of our little baby

Peacefully asleep.... zzz.....

Wide eye wonder...

Come let me give you a kiss!


Hee! Hee!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 14 ~ 2 Weeks Old

2 weeks flew by... sleepless days and nights of changing diapers, feeding and cleaning baby...

Baby is asleep most of the time. Sleep is important for laying the foundation for their growth, he looks so peaceful sleeping... but he usually wakes up with a loud cry which says "I want milk NOW!!!"

Yesterday's blood test confirms that baby's jaundice has drop significantly from 172 to 115. He did not cry when they drew 2 tubes of blood from his heel... we're so proud of him. The good news is once it is below 100, we need not return for anymore blood tests. The bad news is we still need to go one last round.

Just realise that our neighbour had a baby girl on 8th Nov... she looks so gentle and sweet. Next time Ethan will have someone to go to school with :)

I'm allowed to bathe the 2nd time with da feng cao today :D but somehow always end up sweating after the shower, cos of the water temp, hot weather and gotta drink a hot drink after shower!!! grrr... my only consolation is that at least the sweat is 'fresh'.. yucks

My weight loss has become stagnant since 2 days ago, now I'm around 49-50Kg which is 3-4kg more than my pre-pregnancy weight and I shrank from looking like 5mths pregnant to 3mths pregnant. Not bad actually, would be ideal if I can achieve 46Kg before my maternity leave over. I hope the malay massage will help shrink me further and expel the excess @@@gas@@@ from my tummy... been having lots of funny noises from my stomach lately.

Daydreaming - relaxing in a cafe with hubby & baby & having my favourite desserts...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ethan's expressions


Ethan's first days

Day 3
I'm not la pi xiao xing lar!

Day 5
A little bundle of joy

Day 6
Tu Tu mouth

Day 8
All dressed up to go out... not gai gai but to Polyclinic to take blood test for jaundice

Heart pain, 2 tubes of blood taken but did not cry... such a brave boy!


Friday, November 23, 2007

My Birth Story

Hello! My name is Ethan ;)

And this is my Birth Story...

12 Nov
8:00pm - Week 39 AMK clinic scan, shows baby is still not engaged and I’m not having any contractions. Scheduled to have induction on 14 Nov 10:30am

13 Nov
9:00am - Regular contractions 5 mins apart (feels like bad menstrual cramps), called up Dr Benjamin Tham and he asked us to proceed immediately to the delivery suite for checkup. Ask Doc whether can go in the late afternoon cause hate to be strapped for a long time to the CTG machine, he say dun dilly dally lar... come and scan if alright will send you home

11:30am - Strapped on CTG scan at KKH monitoring room, contractions every 4-5mins. 1.5cm dilated. Was asked whether I want to go home and come back when the pain is more intense since they usually admit patients who are 3cm or more dilated. I said "OK!" without a second thought.

14 Nov
8:00am - Having painful contractions whole night, couldn't sleep much. Arrived at KKH earlier than scheduled, hoping to get some pain relief. Strapped on CTG scan to determine whether induction still required

9:45am - 3cm dilated, induction not required since having strong, regular contractions, was sent to the ward to wait for more dilation

1:00pm - Pain becomes unbearable, request to be admitted to delivery suite for epidural

3:10pm – Epidural injected, no pain thereafter

3:32pm – Break water bag, bed flooded

5:10pm – 5cm dilated

7:18pm – 8cm dilated

8:20pm – 10cm dilated, baby’s head engaged at +1 station. Epidural left ¼ tube and dosage was reduced to ½ to let me feel the urge to push

8:50pm – Asked to start pushing

9:10pm – Labour not progressing and contractions stopped. Further reduce epidural dosage and put on Oxytocin drip to increase contraction frequency and strength

9:20pm – Ran out of epidural, pain becomes excruciating. Cry non-stop and screamed like nobody’s business when the contractions reached it’s peak. Begged for epidural top-up, entonox or anything that can reduce the pain but none was given.

10:50pm – Pain seems never ending, unable to take any instructions from anyone, requested for Caesarean. Doc say to try one last time to see whether natural delivery is possible. Commented that afterall baby is big and I’m a small girl.

11:00pm – Doc finally agreed to give me a small dose of Pethidine, which managed to reduce 30% of the pain almost instantly.

11:05pm – Baby Ethan’s head emerged with the help of a vacuum and another doctor giving a few hard painful presses on the tummy

11:08pm – Baby Ethan officially came to this world!

Weight: 3.76kg
Length: 49cm

Head circumf: 37cm

Missee blur blur... bring the wrong colour blanket for our baby boy. hehe


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1.5cm dilated and allowed to go home

Phew... Thank God I was allowed to go home as I'm only 1.5cm dilated. They would admit me if I'm 3cm or more dilated. Being strapped 1hour to the CTG machine is no joke, but bearable. Started to get backache from the laying, can't imagine if I need to be strapped the whole day.

The contractions are getting closer and stronger now. Especially standing and walking is difficult when the contractions are coming.

Tomorrow morning I will need to be admitted to the hospital as scheduled at 9:30am. Guess doctor will monitor my dilation progress to determine if prostin needs to be inserted. I hope no need. That'll save us some costs.

Anyhow I think baby will be out by tomorrow, latest Thursday! :) This is exciting. Need to pray that the labour will proceed smoothly. We know that the contractions I am experiencing today is by God's grace. Thank you Jesus.



Woke up this morning with a 'show' (i.e. mucus plug from the placenta got dislodged, resulting in mucus like bleeding)

It is a good sign, as it signifies that labour is in sight. However, there is still possibility of waiting for days before the actual labour begins. I'm monitoring the contractions now, about 4 mild contractions (less than 30 secs) per hour (approx. 15 mins interval).

Yesterday, after the checkup, I was feeling so down, as despite all the diet control baby's weight has increased from 3.3kg last week to 3.5kg. And despite all the walking and moving about, baby's head is still not engaged and I'm not dilated. Doctor and us think that it is advisable to induce if we still want to try natural birth, cause baby is growing by the week. An induction by prostin was scheduled on 14 Nov 07, 10am. He will insert max of 3 tablets at (10am, 10pm and following day 10am) if my cervix did not dilate enough then I will need an emergency caesarean.

Being disappointed with the checkup outcome, I couldn't help but teared thinking of the worst:
- unable to move, being strapped to the bed for 2 days for CTG monitoring (which resulted in major headache the other time I was monitored overnight)
- not allowed to shower once admitted :( unless it is a scheduled caesarean
- painful intravenous drip on back of the hand
- paying double for cost of induction + 2 days use of delivery suite + caesarean (if cervix did not dilate enough)
- more pain and recovery time after caesarean means difficulty moving and carrying baby

Oh gosh, doctor just called my husband and ask us to go down to KKH clinic immediately to check my condition... ahhhh I don't want to be admitted so soon, it could just mean I need to spend more time strapped to the bed!!! It's a nightmare... Oh God pls help me.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Countdown... 6 more days to EDD

Yoohoo! 6 more days to go to 18 Nov 2007 - BB's EDD. I'm so looking forward YYY

*I pray that BB will be engaged when I go for my weekly checkup this evening*


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another week to go...

Just went for appointment at KKH AMK clinic last evening. Ethan's is now 38 weeks old and weighs 3.3kg, 100g heavier than last week. I've also gained 300g. Think had too much meat last week. Placenta still have lots of amniotic fluid, baby comfy inside, head also haven't engage. We blur when Dr. Benjamin Tham asks us to come back again next week. If next week still not engaged think we'll have to proceed with casaerean liao.

Think mummy comfortably resting at home, baby also comfortable inside mummy's belly. He's still delivering his signature kicks and wriggles... which is so cute... but if only he let us know when he is coming out, then we won't feel so lost. I'm already starting on my maternity leave. I hope he'll come out sooner so that I can spend more time taking care of him before I return to work.

My mom says he is waiting for an auspicious date to come out... ha... ;p I hope not on Deepavali... dun wanna via for delivery suites and midwives with indian moms who chose to give birth on that day leh.

Guess I should just make full use whatever remaining time I have before I become a parent, and not worry. Everything is in God's plans mah.


Monday, November 05, 2007

The Waiting Game

Little fists, little kicks and ticklish wriggling in my tummy... I know I will miss all these when BB Ethan is out. Nonetheless, I'm also eagerly waiting to meeting him face to face for the first time and cuddle him in my arms :)

Psychotic enough, I'm actually looking forward to having labour pains! It doesn't seem so scary now than before, as it symbolises the end of nights of insomnia, skin rashes, frequent trips to the toilet, bland food, weeks of home rest and yes... FINALLY! The freedom of movement!

Can't wait to once again know the taste of chocolates and Andersen ice-cream! I hate watching Nigella Feast these days, as she always prepares food which I can only drool but can't eat. The chocolate bar in the refrigerator seems to be calling out to my subconscious "Eat me! Eat me!"