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Saturday, November 08, 2008

*** Our Little Star ***

Photos taken at the Little Stars Studios on his 10 month birthday

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Almost 1 year old

Ethan will be turning 1 year old in only 1.5 weeks time! Unbelievable!

It is getting more and more difficult to record his accomplishments, as he is picking up new skills every min! I'm not exaggerating. He will observe and imitate everything we do now, some things he see once and immediate picks up.

A brief summary of the new things he can do:
- Talk: some of the words he can say - dark dark, duck, mamamamama (me), babababa (daddy), yeee (aunty), jiu (uncle), Caar (perfect pronounciation!), xi (taxi), bao (mian bao), bah (bus), thuo (throw, he'll throw things and thing say tuo!), orrr (he'll wave his index finger and say orrr after he purposely drop something), oohmm (thunder, with a serious look), tar (stars), moo (moon), mo (elmo), dang (xiao ding dang)
- Sing: lalalalalala (without melody)
- Sounds of animals: aarhhhh (tiger), woooo (aeroplane, motorbike etc), mauo (cat)
- Tell story: I have been reading to him some picture board books, and just 2 days ago, i noticed he'll point to the pictures in the books and start to tell story (in his baby language of course)
- Stand quite steadily unsupported for a short while
- Walk 1 or 2 steps forward and quickly grab someone
- Draw with a pen
- to be continued...

On his birthday we plan to bring him to the zoo in the morning, and have a small family celebration in the afternoon. I've ordered the Elmo cake from Polar :) I am getting excited... maybe I'll go TPY to grab some decorative stuffs tomorrow hee hee

Daddy is out on business trip, and I sneak back home to pick up things, going back to my mother's house now. Ethan is there the entire week, and he has not been sleeping well, same for the whole family! Monday he was awake from afternoon 2pm till night 11:30pm and had a hard time falling asleep, then he wakes up at 3:30am for milk. Yesterday he fell asleep at almost 12am, and wakes up screaming at 1:30am (with his hair soaking wet) must be too warm for him... cos he is used to air-con. Sigh, maybe he misses Daddy. Wish Daddy will be home soon.

Elvis' 1 year birthday bash on 11 Oct 08

We are all 2007 babies: Tiffany, Elvis & Ethan

Elvis was born 1 month earlier than me, but he look babier than me!

It is funny how we are attracted to the same sights, and roll around the bed when we are sleepy (at the same time)!