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Thursday, March 12, 2009

After one

It was a huge transition from being a baby baby to a toddler. Ethan doesn't have much baby look to begin with, now he looks even more like a big boy. Hehe

Here are some lessons I've learnt from taking care of Ethan:

Lesson 1: Always check on a child when he is suspiciously quiet
Once Ethan was in our bedroom for a few mins and suspiciously quiet, when I pop my head in to check what he is doing, he was standing at the corner of our bed, right next to the door!

Another time - the same day, Ethan was playing in his room quietly and when Po Po checked on him, she discovered he was hiding in the lower compartment of his cabinet. He had pulled out the toys from the lower compartment and crawled in. He was in a daze when we found him. hehe

Other times when he is quiet, he is likely to be playing with sockets, electronic gadgets or DVDs.

Lesson 2: Loves to mimick everything adults do
It was almost bedtime, and like any other day, I was accompanying him on his bed together with Piglet and Charlie Brown. Then he placed piglet on the bolster, and then Charlie Brown on top of Piglet, and he started to 'bai bai' them! Gosh!

During mealtimes, he'll want to snatch the feeding spoon. Po Po have resorted to giving him another set of utensils plus some bits of food in order to feed him successfully.

He loves to wear adult shoes, it started with Po Po's slippers... then ah yee's shoes and today daddy's size 8 sports shoe -> he was even able to walk in it un-assisted.

Whenever we eat out, and we provide him with a piece of tissue, he'll diligently wipe the table clean.

Ethan is absorbing his environment like a huge sponge. We can never guess the extent of the things he know, until he surprises us with some new words or actions.

Lesson 3: Requires unlimited love and attention
When we say "Supervisor" he'll put both of his hands behind his back and walk about with a smug look. He'll always turnaround and see if we are looking at him. And at times when he cries, Po Po will say "Supervisor cannot cry one" but no effect on him lar..

Loves wearing hats, hairband with tigger ears, cause we will say "mei mei"... and he loves it! A true vainpot.

Lesson 4: Trying his best to communicate
After visiting the Botanic Gardens last weekend, he went back to Po Po's house with lots of gibberish babble and exaggerated expressions. Naturally Po Po doesn't understand a single word he says, but it was fun to watch his gestures.

Now when he wants milk, he'll say "milk milk, aih!" means milk milk, want! It was an improved version of "mock mock"

If he wants to go gai gai... he'll take out his shoes and point to the door.

Lesson 5: Scared of Dark
He is not scared of darkness, but scared of dark coloured food, like red bean paste in bun, stew, fa cai etc. He'll be happily pinching the bun, until the red bean paste was revealed, then he'll scrutinise the bun and at most he'll pinch abit more of from the white part, and then avoid totally.

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