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A Little More To Life

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day at Pasir Ris Park

My 1st Slide

My 1st Swing

...~...Just relaxing...~...

My 1st *wave*
Ethan was scared of the seawaves...

...and he no like standing on sand, see him do one leg up?!

Having fun with leaves

Ethan and Genevieve meet again :)

On 21 Sep 08 they met again. This time Ethan dare not touch Gen's dress after being lectured by Mommy the other time.

When the adults were busy talking, Ethan secretly kicked Gen's pretty shoes and grins. Unfortunately, Daddy caught him red-handed.

Pls visit for more paparazzi news on their reunion.

Ethan at Downtown East

Photos taken on 20 Sep 08

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

11 Months

Ethan turned 11 months yesterday, lousy mommy have clean forgotten it. It seems like an ordinary day. Nonetheless, I spent 2 hours playing with him in his 'new bedroom'. Both of us had lots of fun.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ethan fell from the bed

Ethan fell from the bed 2 nites ago... :( After milk at 4:40am, he felt energetic and I let him crawl around and play with toys on my bed. I fell asleep and at 5:30am I was awakened by a loud noise. Ethan had fallen head down on to the hard floor. He cried for some time, it must be painful. Good thing there wasn't any abnormal symptoms. Eversince, we've moved to the 2nd bedroom, where I sleep on a mattress on the floor and next to the mattress is the bumper mat. A much safer environment I think.